I'm a UI Engineer building next-generation user interfaces out of Brighton, UK

More than 10 years building for the web

Great user experience is the core driving everything I do, I believe that close collaboration between design, research and front-end engineering leads to superior customer experiences within digital products.

As a specialist in modular design systems and component libraries, I work to bridge the gap between design and engineering disiplines and act as a catalyst for fast, iterative design processes within agile product teams. My technical expertise spans a wealth of front-end technologies ranging from modern SPA application development to accessibility optimisation and front-end testing.

  • 2021


    Senior Product Engineer

  • 2020

    Aragon One

    Senior UI Engineer

  • 2018

    Bright Interactive

    UI Engineer

  • 2016


    Senior Front-End Developer

  • 2012

    Jamieson Consultancy

    Front-End Developer

  • 2009


    Digital Designer

Kind words from great teams

I’ve worked with some amazing people over the years, here is what they have to say

Profile shot of Michael Allan

Andy is hands down one of the most talented people I've worked with in the web industry. It's rare to see a talent in design matched so equally by competency in development. He is someone I trust. I can give him the information he needs to deliver a project and I know it will be done to the highest quality possible

Michael Allan
Head of Design, Brandwatch
Profile shot of Brett Sun

I have seldom met an individual who personifies the senior UI/UX engineer as well as Andy. He not only drives to personally deliver to the highest of standards, but goes the distance to improve the work of everyone around him.

Brett Sun
Chief Technology Officer, Aragon One
Profile shot of Jo Petty

Andy is one of the most creative and talented people I've had the pleasure of working with. Collaborating with him on the Brandwatch website was a rewarding experience: he strived for perfection, had a very detail-orientated approach to design, and was constantly trying new and better techniques.

Jo Petty
Documentation Lead, Unity Technologies
Profile shot of Ben Browning

Andy is a rare find in UI development. He is equally brilliant at creative visual design as he is with the technical aspect of engineering a modern web app. Whatever task he is working on he will go above and beyond to deliver at a very high quality level.

Ben Browning
UI/UX Developer, Bright Interactive
Profile shot of Zé Meirinhos

Andy is inspiring, supportive, curious, always looking to expand his skills, and generally a great person to be around with. Working in a team he understands the importance of clear goals and how to best achieve the team’s aims. His attention to detail makes everything he touches look incredibly polished, and affirms his elegant simplicity.

Zé Meirinhos
Javascript Developer, Bright Interactive
Profile shot of Andrew Khan

Andy has a tremendous understanding of front-end on the web and was often a source of knowledge for me in areas such as web performance, animation and technology. His front-end implementations have always taken into consideration my requirements as a developer, allowing our code to integrate effectively. This has always resulted in a faster, better experience for the end user.

Andrew Khan
Lead Software Architect, Opia
Profile shot of Yohan Fernando

Andy has an unparalleled thirst for knowledge which keeps him always on top of his game, self-motivated and not only positively contribute to projects, but guide & motivates other team members too. His ability to absorb the brief and come up with unique and artistic designs whilst conforming to constraints of web is phenomenal.

Yohan Fernando
Senior Software Engineer, Brandwatch